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IMA, service doesn’t start – possible reasons

Citrix Xenapp is completely dependent on the IMA service.  When IMA fails to start on a server, it can really put a damper on your day.  Often we find ourselves asking why Citrix doesn’t just tell you what it means … Continue reading

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Member servers to ZDC communication The ZDC will send an IMA ping to each MetaFrame server periodically to make sure that they are still alive. This happens by default every 60 seconds.The ZDC also requests a load level from a … Continue reading

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XenApp Explained

On-demand application delivery with Citrix XenApp How application virtualization and session virtualization work Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that comprises application virtualization and session virtualization technologies. Understanding application virtualization Citrix application virtualization technology isolates applications from the … Continue reading

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Clients and Plugins

The ICA Client This is the original name of the client software that seemed to work fine for ten years. If we were scientists, this would be our ‘control.’ Historically there were Program Neighborhood, Program Neighborhood Agent, and Web packages … Continue reading

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Citrix Terms

The XenApp planning and installation documentation uses the following terminology. Multi-user environment An environment, including XenApp and Terminal Services, where applications are published on servers for use by multiple users simultaneously. Application servers The farm servers that host published applications. Infrastructure … Continue reading

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